Sarcoma is a rare cancer that arises from bone or soft tissues such as fat, muscles, and nerves. Due to its rarity and complexity, the diagnosis is difficult. If you or someone has been diagnosed with sarcoma, it is important to go to an expert center for following treatments. Surgery is the main treatment of sarcoma often combined with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. At Osaka Univ Hospital (OUH), experienced multidisciplinary team customize your care to deliver the best clinical outcomes considering keeping your quality of life.

Bone sarcoma

At OUH, we perform limb salvage surgery as can as possible, and use original chemotherapeutic regimens for treating osteosarcoma. The 5-year overall survival rate is more than 95% for localized limb osteosarcoma.

Reconstruction using endoprosthesis
using extracorporeal irradiated autograft

For pelvic surgery, we perform computer navigation assisted surgery for accurate and safe removal of tumor tissue.

Soft tissue sarcoma

There are more than 50 different subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma. At OUH, we and pathologists focus on an accurate diagnosis for further treatment.

We use adjuvant chemotherapy combined with surgery for soft tissue sarcoma more than 5 cm depends on their age or tissue subtypes. The 5-year survival rate was 84% for localized tumor and 24% for metastatic tumor.

Figure | Overall survival according to clinical stage