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The Department of Orthpaedic Surgery, Osaka University was founded in 1945, and we have more than 1000 orthopaedic surgeons in our alumni association.

As one of the representative departments, we have strived to provide cutting-edge, innovative, specialized orthopaedic care and therapies to improve patients’ symptoms and quality of life. In addition, we have been engaged clinical, basic, and translational research for advances in scientific knowledge and clinical practice.

Seiji Okada

Our missions are to produce a leading surgeons and basic researchers who contributes to the development of orthopaedic surgery, and to attain a national and international reputation as a leader in academic orthopaedics in the areas of patient care, orthopaedic education, and neuro-musculoskeletal research. We provide quality graduated orthopaedic education through a structured teaching and evaluating process in many top-ranked hospitals.

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